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which is negligible in the ratio of investment in railway

CASCO, established in March 1986 through No. cheap beats by dre Group and Alstom (China) Investment Co., Ltd. jointly funded and set up a registered capital of 100 million yuan, dre outlet known as the first joint venture of the Chinese railway. CASCO both large-scale solo beats state-owned enterprises and international renowned enterprises background once beats studio the industry that suspicion of monopoly in the field of rail transit signal. Some media have reported, dr dre beats CASCO of the TDCS (train dispatching system) products have been around the 11 railway stations, dr dre beats solo the market share of over 60%. CASCO centralized control system (CTC) on the market share up to 85% in the scheduling of beats solo hd white the national high-speed passenger line. City rail delivery, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian, beats redChangchun and other cities in the metro project can see the shadow of the CASCO system. In this regard, beats studio Yang Haidong said on the "Daily Economic News", in fact, CASCO does not have a monopoly dre beats solo position in the market. "In the field of railway construction, beat headphones we also have not the qualifications as a signal integrator, is to provide our TDCS or CTC, information on solo beats which is negligible in the ratio of investment in railway construction." Yang Haidong told reporters. The same time, beat studio Yang Haidong admitted in the CTC system in the high-speed rail project is indeed mostly provided by CASCO, cheap beats by dre but because the company has 20 years of history in this area, take advantage of the technology and cost control. solo beats by dre But this one in sales compared to just less than 1% of the entire signal system.

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