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The Real Truth About ProvisionRX

ProvisionRxIf you have found this ProvisionRX Scam review  article, you are no doubt either someone that is considering joining the ProvisionRX business opportunity and looking to see if it is a scam or not, or a current ProvisionRX rep looking for information on how to take your business to the next level. Well, In either case you are in the right place. In this SProvisionRX Scam Review article, we will examine the 4 points that you need to consider before joining, and at the end we will share with you exactly what you need to be successful in this business.

ProvisionRX Review: Company Background

ProvisionRx is a network marketing company that offers free pharmacy discount cards and benefits through its network of Independent Business Owners. ProvisionRx’s free pharmacy discount card is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide and can save consumers 10% to 75% on most short-term, acute care prescriptions such as antibiotics and painkillers.

The ProvisionRx Pharmacy Discount Card is not insurance. It does not have an expiration date and can be used unlimited times. ProvisionRx’s Online Drug Price Check provides the ability to find the price of a prescription at participating locations. Participating pharmacies include independent, national and regional chains throughout the United States.

ProvisionRX Review:  Product Offerings

ProvisionRx is a referral marketing firm that furthers Rx card that grants anybody to buy medication and prescriptions at a discounted price across 60,000 involved drugstores over the U.S.

The Provision RX pharmacy discount card is a free product that is given away to consumers.  The card can then be taken to any pharmacy and the group number is entered into the system to give the consumer a discount of up to 70% off their prescription medication.  The beautiful thing about this is the customer base is literally almost anyone.

Half the population in the country has no insurance and even those that have insurance sometimes have little coverage for prescriptions.  When someone gets a prescription filled, the IBO, or rep, can make one dollar per prescription for gathering the customer for the pharmacy.

One of the most advantageous benefits of a free product is that it is easy to get customers, but it is also easy to sponsor new distributors, because they do not have to sell anything.  Many people are opposed to looking at home business opportunities because they feel like they are not good salespeople.  That is not the case with ProvisionRx because everyone can hand out a business card.

ProvisionRX Review: The ProvisionRX Business Opportunity

All ProvisionRx IBOs can start of by purchasing an Rx Pack for $199.95 which includes an online virtual office with accounting reports, personal website, back office, a live commission module, daily data reports and also a first month’s access to other member benefits and services. You do have the option weather or not you want to purchase the Rx Pack and $39.95 Auto Order.

If you want to start off for free as an IBO, you can hand out pharmacy cards to create 1,000 usages and 100 monthly respectively.

All ProvisionRx Independent Business Owners will save 10% to 75% on their own personal prescriptions by using their own pharmacy discount card. You can also earn $.50 to $1.00 (which depends on your rank) per discounted prescription from any of the cards you personally hand out.  As aProvisionRx IBO you can earn additional income by moving up in rank and qualifying for other various bonuses.

ProvisionRX Review : How to Succeed In The ProvisionRX Business Opportunity

There is really no secret to achieve success in ProvisionRX, but there are certain key points you need to consider; the biggest of which is marketing. Instead of chasing, begging and bugging friends and family in the hopes of making a few sales, top marketers have developed ways to have potential prospects coming to them instead. You can do the same.

Imagine if you could have HUNDREDS of people every single week contacting YOU about ProvisionRXt. Imagine that you could reach these people without ever having to meet them in person, or even speak the same language as them. Imagine that instead of you spending your life trying to persuade people to join your ProvisionRX business, people would be begging YOU to be allowed to join your business.

This is not a pipe dream. This is what all the top and potential leaders of ProvisionRX reps are doing right now, and it is why they are making a fortune.

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 How to Make Money with ProvisionRX

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