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Signing Up Home Business Team Members on Facebook - 4 Steps


Attracting home business team members on Facebook means taking 2 steps daily. 1 – Add value. 2 – Make connections. Adding value makes you valuable. Making connections helps you gain the trust of your target market. As your authority grows along with your network, team members flow to you.

Use Facebook as a value creating medium. Spare pitches. Share value. Share blog posts and articles. Share fresh, relevant content, to target your market. Personalize interactions. Use first names. Your first name is the best-sounding word in your native tongue. Make an instant connection by personalizing conversations.

Personal, not business. Maintain this frame of mind. Detach on outcomes. Sign up team members with amazing speed.

Signing Up Home Business Team Members on Facebook

1 – Become a Resource

Become a home business resource. A go-to person. Share helpful, usable, practical content. Solve problems. Problem solvers attract prospects with ease. Keep your ear to the cyber street. Listen. Tune in. Conversations with prospects are the most valuable currency. Listen to hopes, dreams, problems, concerns, and build your content around these ideas.

2 – Join Relevant Groups

Join groups relevant to your niche. Share content. Leave comments. Like posts. Network. Connect with other online entrepreneurs on Facebook. Build your network. Stop by groups daily to share your latest blog post. Share friend’s posts to leverage your presence. Prospects visit groups to get a pulse on your industry, your niche. Position yourself as an authority. Pop up all over these groups, making a positive impact wherever you show up.

3 – Like Fan Pages

Like fan pages with large followings to convert leads. Establish yourself as an authority. Associate with leaders in your niche. Leave value-packed comments on social sites. Share content. Drive boatloads of targeted traffic to your profile, and squeeze page. Like multiple pages from your niche. Maintain an active presence on these sites.

4 – Detach from Outcomes

Letting go of outcomes is the quickest way to sign up new team members. Detaching keeps you light, calm, confident and at peace. This high energy vibe helps you attract interested prospects easily. Remember: it’s personal, not business. Focusing on business kills the relationship building process. You are not my friend – and you certainly won’t interest me with your online business – until you take the time to build a relationship with me. I did not meet my offline friends after they pitched me. Same deal with my online buddies.

Attracting New Home Business Team Members of Facebook – Summary

Become a resource in your niche. Go-to guys or gals attract new team members on Facebook with ease. Share fresh, relevant, value-packed content on a consistent basis. Join relevant groups to establish your authority. Leave comments. Like posts. Be sociable to grow your network of online leaders. Stop by relevant Facebook fan pages. Network. Post insightful comments to attract interested individuals. Prosper. Detach from outcomes. Build relationships, making things personal, lighten up, and forget about pitching your business. Maintaining this vibe attracts home business team members with ease on Facebook.

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