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Oracai Furchange - The King Of Juice

ORACAI made FROM 45 fruits including acai. Acai berry is the gift of nature. Is a fruit that is rich in anti-oxidants to help the body fight cancer cells.

Acai Fruit Berry is a fruit that is only available in the Amazon rainforest. Acai Berry contains TWO times the antioxidant properties when compared with fruit Blueberry, Pomegranate (pomegranates) or any other popular fruit with the same properties.Acai berry fruit have also proven to provide many other health benefits.

The pattern of our daily diet is not sufficient with food-based anti-oxidants and are harmful to our body system that collects free radicals for a long time.

The fact of scientific research has shown that free radicals is a major cause of premature aging system, the growth of cancer and other serious health problems.

Acai berry-shaped fruit as blueberry fruit. Fruit twice a year in South America (Amazon forest), a high tree and looked as Palm trees (known in North America) and if our region in Asia, almost like a nut tree.

The ability of acai berry fruit that can restore a NATURAL human body from critical illnesses; has motivated Dr. Charles Schuass (founder ORAC - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) conducted research on the benefits of acai berry and it has become the latest supplements on the market.

Science and research on ORACAI own juice costing hundreds of millions. Facts:

1. Science found that the most nutritious fruit lies in the seeds and rind. ORACAI blend consists of a combination of 45 types of fruit, including seeds and skin.

2. Studies have shown that the main cause of the disease at the time now is from the diet. To provide adequate anti-oxidants in the human body, health experts recommend that we take the 5 types of fruits and vegetables each day! According to a study conducted in the U.S., only 5% are well-balanced diet every day. Cultures are now choosing foods based on TASTE not Benefits. Thus R & D FOR ORACAI determined that it is necessary to create a highly nutritious product, but at the same time delicious as drinks.

3. The study of phytonutrients, which may stimulate food elements to human health are increasingly applied in this life. Anti-oxidant vitamins and most abundant in fruits.Color pigments are a variety of high nutrient supply, and plays an important role in ORACAI formula. Intake 2 ounces a day will supply adequate nutrients for the body and continuous intake will result in anti-aging, weight control and better health.

Additional greatness ORACAI content are:

 1. Omega 3 fatty acid
2. Omega 6 fatty acids
3. Omega 9 fatty acid
4. Fiber



1. Anti-oxidant and Acai berry is also known as Viagra FROM THE AMAZON that can help increase sexual energy. Acai fruit is considered the most nutritious fruit in the world.

2.improve skin cells system more healthy as Oracai rich in proteins and vitamins. Therefore, it can help to repair damaged or die skin cell, it also helps for smooth in blood circulation and retain youthful.

3. Oracai helps improving energy consistencely since it contain amino acids and other nutrients.It helps the body more healthy and energetic.

4.Prevent  disease and helps cardiovascular system because ORACAI assist human body, cleans the blood vessels, improve blood circulation as well as preventing any tumor.

5. Provide a strong immune system to fight disease and any virus attack. Oracai also has anti-cancer characteristics.

ORACAI blended by combining Acai and 44 kinds of fruit selected from around the world. Other fruits such as nashi pears and goji has a history of helping human health for thousands of years ago.

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