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Networking Like a Cash Gifting Champion - 4 Tips

Skilled networkers grow their cash gifting team fast. Networking expands your presence, helping you reach new audiences at a quick pace. Give. Get. Top shelf networkers promote others. Some others promote their stuff, boosting traffic and increasing the number of leads generated by both parties. Pros know your success is dependent on the value you bring to the table and the size of your network.

Reach out. Connect with new people daily. Connecting means building a strong relationship from day 1. Personalize experiences, using first names. Send private messages with an intent simply to connect. By building a strong relationship you create bonds which leverage your presence with amazing speed. Reach new audiences of people daily. Observe how quickly cash gifts and new team members flow to you.

Cash Gifting Networking

1 - Stuff Your Google Reader

Populate your Google Reader with top flight blogs from the cash gifting, MLM and network marketing niches. Follow leaders. Write value packed comments on these blogs. Share across social networks. Sow. Reap. People begin to associate you with leaders, and see you as a leader, if you show up frequently enough on visible blogs. Add value, network with champions, become valuable.

2 - Comment on Facebook

Pen value-packed comments on Facebook. Make a positive impress on the minds of FBers. Making a powerful impact causes you to stand out, increases your friend requests and grows your network quickly. Having more engaging friends grows your presence, as many of these friends share your content or refer you to other friends. Add value wherever you show up. Comment freely. Leave one or two paragraphs, adding immense value to the post. Stand out. Prosper.

3 - Retweet

Retweet frequently on twitter. RTing builds your rep, and expands your presence on the social network because everybody loves a giver. Givers are quickly prospered. Individuals begin to RT you, helping you reach into new audiences. Make sure to engage, asking questions, providing answers and thanking each one of your retweeters. Retweet only value-packed, relevant content to keep your following targeted. The goal is to delve deeper into your niche.

4 - Google Plus It

Maintain an active presence on Google Plus. The rapidly growing network provides you with a powerful connecting tool. Plus 1 valuable posts. Share your latest blog posts on G Plus. Add serious value on a daily basis. Respond to every +1 and Share with a thank you comment, and be sure to comment on visible posts to reach out into new audiences.

Networking Like a Cash Gifting Champ - Summary

Stuff your Google Reader with value-filled, authority blogs. Leave insightful comments on these posts and share across social networks to position yourself as a leader. Pen value-packed comments on Facebook to grow your network fast. Connect with leaders. Pen personalized messages to establish strong connections. Retweet frequently to expand your presence on twitter. Engage your following and thank each RTer to grow your following. Hit Google Plus up daily to connect with other leaders. Grow your cash gifting team fast by following each of these 4 tips on a daily basis.

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Ryan Biddulph
Skype: ryan.biddulph2
Email: ryanbiddulph@gmail.com

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