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How to Run Your Cash Gifting Team While Traveling the World

Readers of my content know this cash gifting coach is on a year long trip through Southeast Asia(I snapped the above photo in Phuket). Bali, Phuket, Cambodia, Laos, and Northern Thailand down. I've learned how to run my team by moving into effective, intelligent acts persistently. Leverage your presence by thinking before you act. Reach as many people as possible - who are interested in your offering - with each act. Write keyword-rich, targeted blog posts. Keep interactions brief, but helpful. Respect your time and respect the time of your team members too.

Working on the road becomes easy if you act smart. No wasting time. No excess. Focus not on efficiency, but effectiveness. Accomplish as much as possible with minimal effort. For example, observe this post. I keep it value-packed. I use keywords, so I target my market. I reach as many people from the cash gifting niche as I possibly can in a minimal amount of time.

How to Run Your Cash Gifting Team as a Globetrotter

1 - Work off of the Clock

Keep time in mind. No need to time your tasks to the minute, simply be aware of keeping things short and sweet. Blog posts take 30 minutes or less to write and publish. Sharing on social networks takes 20 minutes tops. Effectiveness. Save time. Work in a calm, confident manner, and take frequent breaks to observe if you are working effectively.

2 - Brevity

Keep interactions brief. Phone calls should be 10 to 15 minutes tops. Emails, a few sentences, for most interactions. Respect time. Become economical with words. This is a trait all successful people possess. Saying a lot, with a little. Reduce text in social interactions. Think before you write. Reduce mental clutter, take a deep breath, and interact.

3 - Enjoy the Trip

Why travel if you don't enjoy the trip? Buddha said it's better to travel well than to arrive. Who cares if you run a successful, thriving busness, if your trip is spoiled by slaving long, hard hours? You missed the point. Get outside. Hit the beach. Travel. Enjoy the sights and sounds of local customs. Soak up your trip. Act intelligently so you can earn on auto-pilot. It becomes infinitely easier to make money online when you act smart, and engage in effective acts.

Running Your Cash Gifting Team While Traveling the World

Work off of the clock. You can time your tasks if you wish. Just be aware of time as you work your day. Take frequent breaks to respect time. Keep interactions brief. Successful people keep interactions to a minimum, and keep conversations brief. Say a lot with a little. Enjoy the heck out of your trip. Remeber, even a working vacation is still a vacation. Act intelligntly, act effectively, and you can enjoy your world travels as a cash gifting coach.

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Ryan Biddulph
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