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3 Steps to Be Ruthless with Time

Time management does not exist. Choice management exists. If you choose wisely you use time wisely. Do not get caught up in all sorts of time management strategies. Remember 1 thing; effective acts count.

Right now I can be opening 4 social networking accounts to respond to requests, engagements, etc, for 10 minutes or I can write 1 lead generating cash gifting blog post. I chose to write the blog post because I know making this decision is smart use of time.

I logged into my…


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3 Tips to Create Eye-Popping Content

As I cruise 35,000 feet somewhere over Central America I am reading “The 4 Hour Work Week.” Tim Ferris’ classic stresses you should engage in 2 impact acts at most each day. Yes, you should do 2 things to make the biggest impact. This idea is lost on virtually all online entrepreneurs.

If you run a home based opportunity chances are you try to do more instead of less, to feel productive. Well, writing a few eye-popping pieces of content makes your job easier. One blog post attracts 10…


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Why Does Being Comfortable Kill Your Chances at Being Happy?

Rewind to 2 years ago.

Ryan Biddulph was comfortable….OH so comfortable. He lived a poor life, in many ways, but at least he was comfy, ya know? He had his sports games, he loved eating his sweets, and he did make a few dollars online.

One problem! He was depressed, deep down. He was unhappy. He was unclear on what he wanted to really do with his life and this lack of clarity manifested as unhappiness. Totally comfortable but miserable, because his love of living in a comfort…


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3 Tips to Quickly Monetize Your Blog

You are in the blogging game to:

help people

make money online….ok, maybe you have no desire to monetize your blog. Cool, this post is not for you then.

Most people want to prosper online through blogging but have no ideas how to make money.

Well, unless you are a content creation whiz, I do not care how many channels you open up, you are not making money.

Because people pay you according to the value you bring to the table.

1 – Bring…


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3 Tips to Dress Up Your Blog

Your blog looks snazzy!

Yep, I dig it. If you run a well-dressed blog you can attract more targeted prospects.

If you run a crappy-looking blog, forget about it. People run from you, and your whack-looking blog, pronto.

Like it or not folks are influenced by the look of your offering. Hey, I am all about simplicity at this cash gifting blog, but you knew that. You know I feel simple rocks, as simple makes everything look good.

On the flip side, complex stinks.…


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How to Generate 25 Home Business Opt-Ins Daily


Generating home business opt-ins forms the lifeblood of your opportunity. An increase in subscribers means quicker biz growth. Struggling entrepreneurs draw few leads to offer contact information and take a deeper look into their business. Know this: you give what you get. Create freely to receive generously.

Boost targeted traffic with blogging and article marketing and over deliver on your value-packed…


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3 Signs Your Blog Is Doomed to Fail

I stare out the window in Lima, Peru and see my hotel owner hard at work. I see her staff hard at work, each day, from like 6 AM to 10 PM. I see the success of the hotel. This is a business, and a prospering business at that, and it takes hard, persistent, intelligent work to make the business work effectively. Well, your blog requires the same persistent, disciplined and effective work for you to make money online and success with your blogging efforts. Do you need to work from 6 AM to 10…


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Why You Are Wasting Your Time Trying to Make Money Online

You ignore working on your mindset. I see cash gifting coaches make the same mistakes from 5 years ago, now. Their level of thinking never change because they did not spend more than a few minutes working on their mindset…over a course of YEARS! The majority of people trying to make money online are wasting time. You cannot attract money if you are programmed to reject money. Most people are programmed to reject money. This is why you never see Ferrari commercials on TV. Most people have…


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Do You Know Your Stuff?

After heading back home for the afternoon in Lima, Peru, I thought about blog post ideas. I read a post by a buddy, a review-style piece. It make me think; do you know your stuff? I mean, if you want to get paid you need to become a pro. If you want to make money online you need to learn your home based opportunity inside out. If you want to become a whiz in any specific niche you need to know exactly what you need to know in order to help individuals prosper. Look at me. I am a cash gifting…


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Why Are Question Posts Popular?

This one goes over to you.

Why are question posts popular?

I feel people cannot resist answering a question. The crowd sees a question and needs to answer. Questions pique interest, causing you to click, dig deeper, read the post and figure out the answer.

Curious minds want to know.…


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Why Are My New Threads Influencing Me to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

I gotta admit, my suit game is tight.

Today I bought some new threads. Wedding on Friday. I purchased a black Sean John suit, purple striped Michael Kors shirt and pair of Stacy Adams shoes. Toss in a nice new tie and pair of socks – all purple, hey I match right on down through the feet – and I must say I feel good.


It feels nice to dress up. We enjoy getting dudded up, even if you are not a suit and tie kind of guy. Some despise getting dressed…


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Cash Gifting Mastery How to Increase Opt Ins

Are you hungry to increase your cash gifting opt ins? You need to get down to the basics. Nope, spamming does not work. Nor does putting in 22 hour days, over the course of weeks. Each approach uses force and force negates. Nope, you will become successful by doing certain things daily.

Create value become valuable. Make connections. These simple steps yield amazing success in cash gifting, or any home based opportunity niche, in the long run. But you need to persist like heck to make…


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The Number 1 Personal Development Activity?

Please Share This Post Across Your Social Networks

Ryan Biddulph helps you profit from home by cash…


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Why You Fail Online

You don’t trust. I speak to people occasionally who do not trust me, or making money online, or heck…anything. It has nothing to do with me, so I don’t take it personally, which is a good thing, because I used to take it really personally. It has everything to do with YOU, if you fail online, or if you struggle making money, or if you are unhappy.

This one is for you, the non-trusting crowd. Skepticism is generally a confining trait. If you don’t succeed guess who’s the problem? You…


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Tips for Twitter Marketing

Are you having a difficult time connecting to home business leads on twitter? You are ignoring basic rules. You will prosper by prospering others, and if you can use your twitter account to reach out to individuals you will never struggle to make money online with the creative medium. Virtually all twitter failure is rooted in not helping others, looking out for yourself, not paying it forward.

Maintain a clear and consistent message of giving freely on twitter and you can easily use…


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How to Detach from Disastrous Home Business Outcomes

You need to detach if you dream of succeeding online. If you fail to detach from outcomes you will relive the same miserable results. Why? Your vision becomes your failure. Most people enter a home business with a cheery disposition, a bright vision and focus. But once they fail to make money after a day, or week, or month, they completely identify with their results.

So they figure, I must be a failure, because I see failure around me, and they quit, or simply get desperate, and…


Added by Ryan Biddulph on November 18, 2012 at 1:34pm — 1 Comment

Home Business Mastery Suffering from Racing Thoughts Syndrome?

Good! You are on to something. My mind was all over the place today. 1000 miles a minute. I once heard Frank Kern say it’s part of being an entrepreneur. He noted how he’s hit with a stream of ideas when at the dinner table, or wherever, and he immediately takes notes, and either gets to work and gets to work when done.

I was chatting about this with Kelli at dinner tonight. Racing Thoughts Syndrome. For me it was the entrepreneur thingee and also a whole lot of meditation. I am going…


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Umm Do I Know You?

I just receive the darndest cash gifting insight from my moment to moment home business dealings. I hopped over from Google Plus 20 seconds ago. Had to write this post. Because I received request from folks who added me to their circles, and I scrolled through a few to see who I could add back. I saw a few images of people.

I saw a famous sexpop who is now deceased, a few silly avatars and some photos of real, living people. So I added the photos of people, and ignored the others.…


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Are You Missing this Fundamental Home Business Idea?

You need to give up something to get money via your home business. You give up money through paid marketing. Or you give up your time and energy to write content. You give to get. Many new cash gifting pledges have no internet in giving they just want to get. Home business newbies want to get without giving. Ain’t gonna happen. Sowing and reaping. Giving and receiving. The basic timeless law, running through all of life, let alone the…


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Why Is Money Your Servant?

You might be getting the wrong message about money if you struggle financially. Money is your loving servant. You do not serve money. Money is simply a means of exchange. It’s a form of energy. Money of itself is neither good nor bad; it simply responds to your vibe around it.

If you are having a tough time making money, if you are broke, if you suffer financially, you are likely a slave to money.

You feel embarrassed around the topic, or you work like a dog to make…nothing…or you…


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