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Network marketing expert Randy Gage reveals how you bust out of the grind and become a true "MLM Rock Star!"

Are you an MLM Grinder or MLM Rock Star?

If you are currently struggling in Network Marketing, or have failed in the past, it may surprise you to learn that it wasn't necessarily your fault. The program you work with and when you join it have a significant effect on both your earnings potential, and how successful you can become. Even people who have been in the business for decades often don't understand how important these factors are to their success.

The MLM Grinders

Because they don't understand what were just discussed, many people become "MLM Grinders." These are the people who have to constantly replace their distributors because they drop out. They have to make all the presentations themselves, handle all the meetings, and pretty much do everything. If they slow down for one minute, things start to unravel in their group. They're always grinding, but the recognition, big bonus checks, and free cars and trips always seem just a little out of reach.

Remember the parable about the emperor with no clothes?

Grinders are in a similar situation. They sell lifestyle and talk about residual income, but the sad truth is they don't really have either. They work night and day because they're afraid to let up. If they were to stop grinding for even a month or two, their income would shrivel up and die.

The MLM Rock Stars

Fortunately there is a better way. This is the life of the "MLM Rock Stars," the select group of people in the business who actually are living their dreams. This group of leaders has developed Rock Star lifestyles that includes millions in earnings, luxury homes, exotic cars, travel to glamorous locales, and the freedom to spend their days however they desire.

Even people who have been in the business for decades often don't realize they are trapped in a grinder cycle with no hope for escape. They keep grinding away, thinking that their big break is around the corner.

What they don't realize is that the situation they're in will never change.

They keep wasting money on ineffective marketing tools, squander effort going to "rah-rah" meetings, and fritter away the rest of their time trying to resurrect dead distributors. They talk about duplication all the time, but the only thing duplicating is their credit card debt!

If all this sounds familiar, this information can change your life forever. Now is your chance to learn the shocking truth about what separates the MLM grinders from the Rock Stars, and how you can break through to the level of success you have been yearning for.

* If you have tried MLM but failed...
* If you're in the business, but can't seem to get any traction...
* If you sponsor lots of people, but they don't duplicate...
* If you're not earning what you know you're really worth...

It may not be your fault!

Network Marketing legend Randy Gage has created more MLM millionaires and multi-millionaires than anyone on earth. Now for the first time ever, he reveals exactly how it is done.

Pay close attention, because you'll discover the true formula for creating wealth and financial independence in Network Marketing.

As Randy explained, true wealth is created in Network Marketing only when a certain set of factors are all in place. You must join the right opportunity at the right time if you want to create a Rock Star lifestyle. It's critical that you are in place when exponential growth (also sometimes called momentum) is about to take effect.

Now of course everyone thinks that his or her program is poised for momentum. But a study of the industry and the different categories of opportunities reveals that this is not true. Here is a review of the five categories Randy used as case studies in the training session and the important information to know about each.

Discover the five categories of potential opportunities, and how to evaluate each. Learn the benefits and limitations of each type, and find out how to know which one is the right one for you.

Category 1 - The Bottle Rockets

Now these opportunities actually often do experience the exponential growth curve. But of course their downward trajectory is even more dramatic, once they experience the regulator scrutiny that is inevitable for schemes like these.

It's important to understand that the opportunities in this category are NOT Network Marketing programs, even though they often claim otherwise. These would include chain letters, recipe clubs, the airplane game, the magic gas pill, and other schemes that are just excuses for people to move money to the top of the structure. They are illegal and they hurt people.

Category 2 - The Old Guard

Now these are the companies that hit and actually sustained momentum for a significant period of time. They are now billion-dollar-plus companies and have already created legacy incomes for people who got in early and became a reason for their growth. These are fine companies offering stability and the chance for a steady income.

But most industry experts would agree that your chances of creating significant wealth with them have expired. They have reached a level of maturity that prevents someone from starting with them today and creating large bonus checks or exponential growth.

Category 3 - The Flat-Liners

These companies are the bridesmaids that never got to be the bride. They have been around for a long period of time, but never hit that exponential growth curve. The only growth they have, if any, is incremental growth, usually coming from opening new markets. In the markets they have been operating in for long times, these companies have failed to capture the imagination of the public.

There are many reasons these companies did not reach momentum. Often it is because their products are not viable, their compensation plan does not promote the correct behavior, or inexperienced or poor management.

Of course these companies often tout their longevity and suggest that momentum is imminent. But history has shown that the companies that reach momentum today do so in the early years. It's virtually impossible to create substantial wealth with a flat-line company, unless you are willing to hang around for decades.

Category 4 - The Peddlers

These programs probably create more misunderstanding and broken dreams in the business than any other. Because most people are not aware of the distinction between the small business model (primarily retailing products) and the big business model (developing duplication and creating a large team of distributors that produces large group volumes).

These programs include the numerous party plan companies, phone and utility services, legal plans, discount cards, air and water purifiers, insurance, and other plans that are geared for salespeople. The big problem with these scenarios is that they completely miss the formula for creating wealth in Network Marketing:

"Get a large group of people - to do a few simple actions - over a consistent period of time."

The reality is about 10 percent of any population could be classified as sales types. They have developed selling skills, have no fear of rejection, and they are constantly on the lookout for new prospects. They drive around in their car all day listening to motivational recordings and say things like, "I LOVE to hear a ‘no,' because I know after another eight ‘no's' I'm going to get to a ‘yes!'"

That means 90 percent of any population would have to be classified as non-sales types. They don't know how to sell, they hate the very idea of it, and they're deathly afraid of rejection. They don't want to wear buttons with corny slogans on their clothes, make cold calls, and chase after strangers at the shopping mall. They will use the products themselves and they feel comfortable referring them to a select group of friends. But they don't feel at ease in a sales role or "playing store."

As a result of this, these 90 percent do not do well in the peddler companies. They may join initially after a good product experience, but they soon are out of their comfort zone and usually drop out, or remain customers but do not actively build the business.

Naturally if we want to follow the first part of the formula - get a large group of people to do a few simple actions - it makes sense that we would tailor our approach to the 90 percent, not the 10 percent. That is the fatal flaw in the peddler companies, in that their approach is geared to the ten percent of sales types.

A strong salesperson can produce a large income in one of these situations. But it will be dependent on constant activity to replace the "churn"--the large number of people that drop out each month. Of course this means that they don't have any true passive income, making them destined to be grinders for as long as they work the program.

Category 5 - The Holy Grail

The final category is where true wealth is created in Network Marketing. This is an emerging company that possesses what it takes to hit and sustain momentum, and become the next billion-dollar success story. This is where legacy incomes and substantial wealth are created.

Now of course every new company believes they are the next "chosen one." And the distributors that prospect you aren't intentionally telling you an untruth. They honestly believe what they're saying. Unfortunately most do not have enough experience, knowledge and perspective to really understand what's required for a company to go into momentum.

Successful companies that have reached and sustained momentum in the past all have the following commonalities:

1) A Sizzle Product Line

There are many great products in the world, but they aren’t all great for Network Marketing. The best products for the business are unique, exclusive, and highly consumable.

Some other factors to consider…

The average person has to be able to understand your products in a 30-second elevator speech. If you need 10 lab reports or five hours of doctor recordings for people to “get” your products, it doesn’t meet the formula for creating wealth. This is the reason many of the flat-line companies do not hit exponential growth.

History has shown that non-consumable products like water filters and air purifiers don’t sustain themselves long-term. Likewise history has shown companies with products like these can create some initial excitement through front-end loading or hype, but they don’t pan out in the long haul.

One of the other shocking truths is that one-product companies don’t hold their own over the long term. Like the non-consumables, they can create some initial excitement. But there simply is not enough volume produced to sustain the compensation plan and reward top leaders. At some point they recognize that distributors in other companies with the same size organization make substantially more money than they do. So even if they love their product and their company, they ultimately make a business decision and choose to build a business elsewhere. This has been demonstrated countless times in the last decade with the dozens of magic berry juice companies.

2) Proper Capitalization

This one is pretty simple, yet it’s shocking how many start-up ventures don’t have enough money to survive the inevitable bumps in the road.

3) Management Depth

An experienced management team in the network marketing industry is crucial for the success of a company.

4) A Compensation Plan that Provokes the Correct Behavior

Since the Network Marketing industry began in the late 1950s, compensation plans have evolved to keep pace with the changing market conditions. Plans that worked great in the 1970s didn’t necessarily perform well in the 1980s. And plans that served well in the 1990s often don’t pass the market demands of today.

5) Field Leadership

This may be the most important element.

The truth is, no company can put itself in momentum. This has to be created by the field leadership --the people who are actually in the trenches, recruiting, training, and supporting the team.

Great leaders can help to build support structure for a company.

There are three components that make up this support, and they are what allows you to escape the grinder mentality and become a true MLM Rock Star:

* The System

There is a step-by-step system for you to follow. No matter what your education level, experience, or age, you’ll follow a proven road map to building a successful network. These leaders know the best ways to build a network and created a system utilizing all that, so everyone has the same opportunity for success. The system prevents it from being all about you, which is the sure path to being a grinder--and instead provides a framework anyone can follow.

* The Infrastructure

An important element of the system is having the proper infrastructure in place to apply it. You’ll find powerful recruiting materials such as this magazine, DVDs, audios, websites and many other marketing materials in place. These resources allow you to get started fast, even if you have never been in the business before.

* The Training

Another critical element is the training on how you use the system and the infrastructure like Weekly Leadership Training Calls, webcasts, local, regional, and international training events.

"MLM Grinders" Join:

* The Right Opportunity at the Wrong Time
* The Wrong Opportunity at the Right Time
* The Wrong Opportunity at the Wrong Time

"MLM Rock Stars" Join:

* The Right Opportunity at the Right Time!

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